About Measure B

Measure B is a renewal of our local school parcel tax that is needed to continue the excellent programs at the schools of the Menlo Park City School District: Encinal, Laurel, Oak Knoll, Hillview and the Early Learning Center (ELC).  Our great schools also improve our community by making it a desirable place to live.

This measure will renew an expiring parcel tax that the community approved in 2017 by nearly 80% of the vote! The new rate of the tax will be $598 per parcel. Measure B is on the ballot for the November 2, 2021 Special Election. 

Measure B will enable Menlo Park schools to continue to attract and retain quality teachers; keep class sizes reasonable; support core academic programming in reading, writing, math and science; and maintain the fiscal stability of the district. Without this measure, the district will be forced to make drastic cuts that hurt our schools and decrease our property values. MPCSD has a decades-long history of strong community support for its award-winning schools, and this measure is part of that local commitment.  

All funds from Measure B will stay within MPCSD, will be spent on students and teachers--not go to administrative costs, and will allow seniors an exemption. This measure is part of MPCSD’s long-term financial stability plan promised in 2017 when Measure X passed as a temporary stop-gap along with ongoing strategic budget cuts and the community’s support through parcel taxes and increased philanthropic giving. This measure will expire in 12 years.


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